In 2010, commercial trucks were involved in  nearly 70,000 accidents, according to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. Almost 75 percent of these crashes involved multiple vehicles. Accidents that involve passenger vehicles and large trucks often cause incapacitating injuries and extensive property damage.

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Oklahoma drivers can avoid being in a truck wreck by avoiding these common passenger vehicle driver errors:

Driving in Blind Spots

Blind spots, also known as the no zones are extremely dangerous. Cars cannot be seen when they are in the  no zone. About 33 percent of car/truck collisions occur when passenger vehicles drive in these areas. If you are unable to see a trucks mirrors, he/she cant see you.

Tailgating Commercial Trucks

Most drivers fail to realize that due to a commercial trucks size and weight, they are unable to brake quickly. When you drive close to a trucks bumper you run the risk of being in rear-end or underride accident, if the truck driver stops suddenly.

Driving with One hand on the Steering Wheel

Tractor-trailers, garbage truck and other large trucks have the capability of creating wind gusts. Make sure that both hands are on the wheel when passing these vehicles.

Improperly Changing Lanes

On average, it takes to 30 seconds to pass a commercial truck that is traveling at highway speeds. When attempting to pass a commercial truck on the highway, increase your speed slightly, drive at consistent speed until you are able to change lanes. Make sure that you can see a trucks grill in your rearview mirror before you changes lanes. Allowing yourself enough time to change lanes, will prevent you from being involved in a side-impact accident.

Driving Carelessly in Bad Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions including fog, snow and rain can decrease a truckers visibility, this can affect their ability to react quickly when necessary. Slick roads and highways make it more difficult for trucks to brake quickly, allow enough distance between your vehicle and the truck in bad weather.

Not Signaling Your Intentions

Make sure to signal your intentions early and often when changing lanes or making turns. This allows trucks enough time to slow down or stop, using your signal properly will reduce your chances of being rear-ended.

When you drive defensively and avoid passenger vehicle driver errors you can reduce your chances of being injured a truck accident.

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