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Out of Gauge Cargo Accidents

Out of Gauge overloaded truck accident attorneys

Out of gauge cargo refers to cargo that is slightly higher or wider than what will fit in standard containers that can still be carried on top, open side, open top or flat rack containers. Out of gauge cargo, is sometimes also called an oversize truck or over-dimensional loads. Some common examples of oversize cargo include:

  • Large pipes
  • Machinery
  • Concrete construction pipes
  • Metal coils
  • Houses

Transporting out of gauge cargo is very difficult; its not uncommon for commercial trucks carrying this type of cargo to be involved in accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured in truck accident that was caused by out of gauge cargo, you may be eligible for legal and financial recourse. Contact an Oklahoma truck accident attorney to learn about the legal rights available to accident victims.

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Regulations for Transporting Oversize Cargo                     

Federal and state regulations specify the maximum weight, width and height for cargo shipped on tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks. In the state of Oklahoma any load over 80,000 pounds requires a special permit from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.  

As for the height requirement, the normal limit for hauling an over dimensional load is thirteen feet and six inches. Any company that wants to transport a load over this height will need a special permit. Height requirements vary by state, because of the different clearance in various states which permits the load to pass under bridges or tunnels. In instances, where the load exceeds these measurements, a special transportation permit with a route stating the bridges and tunnels that should be avoided. When it comes to the width requirement, cargo that is over eight feet and six inches will need a permit. Similar to the height requirement, the maximum width requirements vary from state to state.

Out of gauge cargo is usually transported by truck with a trailer. There are different specifications for interstate cargo trailers including in the interstate victory series, interstate load runner trailers and the interstate Pro series trailers. Depending on the trailers measurements, a pilot or an escort car may be required to follow in front or behind the trailer. The purpose of the escort car is to alert the truck driver as well as the other motorists that they encounter on the roads.

Truck drivers and trucking companies that violate these regulations may held liable for any damages that occur in a truck wreck. Our knowledgeable lawyers know how to prove that the truck was overweight or overloaded at the time of the crash, through weigh station records, trucking company logs and records of what was shipped.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an Oklahoma truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and pain and suffering. Contact a truck accident attorney at The Edwards Law Firm to explore your legal options.

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