Equipment Failure Causes

Many factors can contribute to equipment failure. Sometimes, trucking companies overlook federal trucking regulations which require them to test equipment to make sure they are safe. Other times, the driver neglects to tell the company there is a defect. A few examples of equipment failure causes include:

  • Trucking companies failing to perform the regular maintenance necessary to keep rigs safe.
  • Companies dispatching trucks with known mechanical problems.
  • Overloaded or unbalanced cargo.
  • Drivers sometimes failing to make the proper truck stops or overriding the brakes.
  • Drivers not properly using warning lights when pulling on the side of the road or when the truck breaks down.

Types of Truck Defects

Sometimes, truck components can break down or be defective; however, some types of truck equipment failure are more common than others, such as:

  • Brake failure– Inadequate maintenance can result in brake failure and can cause rear-end collisions if the truck is unable to stop.
  • Missing or defective lights– Accidents can happen when proper lighting is not used. These types of equipment failure can refer to faulty or dim taillights, headlights or side safety lights. Drivers rely on a trucks lighting to avoid crashing. When the proper lighting is not present, accidents can result.
  • Tire Failures– These types of equipment failures can include tire tread separation or blowouts. Tire failure is often the result of retreads and/or not properly inspecting the tires.
  • Missing or defective mirrors– Due to the large size of the trucks, truck drivers use particular mirrors to view other vehicles along the side of their truck.

Oklahoma Truck Accident Attorneys

Large trucks and 18-wheelers account for a small percentage of total vehicles on the highways; however, they account for a high percentage of injuries and fatal accidents. It’s imperative to seek legal attention if you or a loved one has been injured in an Oklahoma truck defect accident. The Oklahoma Truck Accident Attorneys at the Edwards Law Firm are experienced with helping victims seek the compensation they deserve.

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