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Moving from one place to another is one of the most stressful and exciting activities. As Americans move from their old residence to a new one, they often utilize outside services to help make the moving process as smooth as possible. During this time, people are often in a hurry to pack up their belongings and place them into boxes to be moved to their new home in order to get back to normal daily life as soon as possible.

When the boxes are all packed up, the final step of the moving process involves physically transporting these items. During this phase of the moving process Oklahoma residents often look to U-Haul to rent a trailer that can carry their belongings. U-Haul trailers are an excellent and efficient way for Oklahoma residents to move without utilizing the services of a costly and stressful moving company. Unfortunately, however, the majority of those who rent a U-Haul trailer are unaware of how to properly and safely operate a vehicle with a trailer attached to their car.

Based upon the limited familiarity with traveling with a trailer attached to their vehicle, an OK U-Haul accident occurs far more often than many motorists would imagine. When renting a U-Haul in Oklahoma, renters are seldom informed of the potential dangers involved in or of specific driving tips that would help to renter to operate the U-Haul safely. U-Haul often fails to determine whether or not renters are capable of safely operating their vehicle with a U-Haul attached. This lack of due diligence contributes to the ongoing occurrence of an OK U-Haul accident across the state.

Edwards Law Firm maintains years of experience in truck accident litigation. When a traffic crash occurs involving a truck, especially an OK U-Haul accident, there are a wide variety of specific laws and regulations relating to these types of collisions. Therefore it is essential to hire a professional legal team with ample knowledge and experience in truck accident law. If you or a loved one has suffered during an OK U-Haul accident, Edwards Law Firm is here to help.

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Dangers of Towing a U-Haul Trailer

U-Haul International Inc. is the most popular moving equipment company in the United States. Serving Americans since 1945, U-Haul has become synonymous with moving in the U.S. Due to U-Hauls authority in the moving equipment market they have done an excellent job of shielding the media from reporting all of the negative aspects over the last 70 years. As more and more safety issues arise, it has become clear that the company must be held accountable for their negligence.

Thousands of motor vehicle collisions involving U-Haul trailers occur annually across the nation. Sadly, U-Haul continues to run their rental services carelessly, renting to individuals without giving a proper check in terms of the drivers capabilities. When renting to the public in the state of Oklahoma, U-Haul must do a better job of preparing renters for the difficulties and challenges associated with driving a vehicle with a U-Haul trailer attached.

The following have been highlighted as some of the greatest dangers involved in the U-Haul rental system throughout the country as well as in Oklahoma:

  • Defective moving trailers

  • Faulty brakes or no brake functionality at all

  • Neglecting to vet a renter to determine if the driver is capable of driving a vehicle with a U-Haul trailer on the back

  • Neglecting to undergo inspections of trailers for long periods of time

  • Giving insufficient information regarding safe trailer weight as well as loading practices

  • Allows for renters to use a SUV to tow (the only American company that allows such a thing)

The above hazards have all contributed to an OK U-Haul accident in the past. When renters are ill-informed of proper loading practices, how to shift weight and all other aspects involved in driving a U-Haul, they are placed in serious danger for catastrophic injuries and damages. Due to U-Hauls dominance in the rental industry, they have been able to keep the majority of negative reports under wraps.

As more and more accidents are reported, it has become abundantly clear that U-Haul has dropped the ball in terms of safety and general regulation of rentals. If you or a loved one has been involved in a U-Haul crash in Oklahoma, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

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