At The Edwards Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers have years of experience in a wide variety of legal practice areas, ranging from wrongful death to nursing home abuse in Tulsa. When it comes to nursing home abuse in the Tulsa community, we know it’s a serious issue that typically goes unreported. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to help individuals with valid nursing home abuse legal cases.

In this blog, we’ll go over several topics that relate to nursing home abuse in Tulsa. Ranging from educational information to advice on what you should do if you think you have a solid nursing home abuse case, we hope to be a steady, reliable source of information. Are you in need of a nursing home abuse lawyer in Tulsa you can trust? Schedule a free consultation with our team today.

  1. Are Surveillance Cameras the Future of Nursing Home Care?

    On November 1, 2013, Oklahoma passed a law that would permit the use of surveillance cameras in nursing home facilities. The reason was simple residents loved ones want the ability to keep an eye on the patient for their own safety, many suspecting that nursing home abuse had already taken place. Oklahoma was the third state to pass such a law; now, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is prop…Read More

  2. 5 Traits of a Substandard Nursing Home

    Finding the right nursing home for your loved one is incredibly important, especially as statistics indicate that one in three elders are abused at these homes. Common problems at substandard nursing homes include inadequate medical care, malnutrition, preventable accidents and untreated bedsores. It can be difficult to determine how well a nursing home operates behind the scenes when you're scopi…Read More

  3. Thieves Targeting the Elderly at Nursing Homes

    Nursing-home residents across the United States are being robbed by people they know including nursing home bookkeepers, office managers, and people who are managing their expenses and trust funds. The USA Today has recently conducted an investigation regarding thefts that occur from nursing homes. The investigation concluded that over 100 cases have been documented since 2010, which is mainly due…Read More