The feeling of devastation when a loved one is lost in a truck accident fatality is both indescribable and un-quantifiable. Due to their size and the high speeds in which they travel, trucks often cause significant destruction when involved in an accident.

If you lost a loved one due to a truck accident fatality, a truck accident attorney may be able to help you obtain wrongful death benefits in order to keep your family financially stable during this tragic time.

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Truck Accident Fatality Statistics

According to the Truck Safety Coalition, Oklahoma is historically known as one of the most deadly states in the country in terms of truck accident fatalities. In 2005, Oklahoma had the third-highest number of wrongful deaths from truck accidents.

Nationally, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration3,765 people were killed in large truck accidents in 2010. This number was up by 8.7 percent from 2009 statistics, where 3,380 lives were claimed due to a truck accident.

In 2009, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found the following in regards to truck accidents:

  • The top three driver-related factors in truck accident fatalities were speed, failure to stay in the proper driving lane and inattention to driving conditions.
  • Two percent of all truck drivers who were involved in a fatal truck collision were legally intoxicated.
  • Commercial trucks accounted for seven percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes in 2009.

Causes of Truck Accident Fatalities

Some of the most common causes of fatal truck accidents include driver fatigue, driver error and poorly maintained rigs. Many people would reasonably assume that larger trucks are more likely to be involved in a fatal truck crash; however, this is incorrect. According to fatal crash statistics nationwide, in 2009:

  • Sixty-one percent of trucks involved in fatalities were tractor trailers pulling a single semi-trailer.
  • Doubles accounted form three percent of truck accident fatalities.
  • Truck tractors pulling three trailers were involved in less than .01 percent of truck accident fatalities.

Head-on truck collisions are usually the most deadly due to the heavy weight and momentum involved. Underride crashes also result in a large majority of fatal truck accidents. Rear-end collisions and jackknife wrecks caused by brake failures or errors also result in a large number of wrongful death claims.

Truck Accident Fatality Lawyers

After losing a loved one in a fatal truck accident, the last thing on your mind is filing a lawsuit. Let our truck accident fatality lawyers file a wrongful death claim on your behalf in order to ensure your financial stability during this difficult time.

A wrongful death lawsuit may help you recover damages from the fatal truck accident, including pain and suffering, loss of future earning capacity, medical and funeral expenses, and the loss of consortium or companionship.

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