1. Oklahoma Troopers Enforcing Work Zone Safety After Recent Fatality

    A worker from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) was hit and killed by an oncoming car in a construction zone on Wednesday, May 18. The worker was an 18-year superintendent and was supervising a brush removal project on Highway 20 near the Mayes and Delaware County lines when the incident happened. His death marked the 60th employee killed in the history of the department, which has …Read More

  2. NHTSA’s Click It or Ticket Campaign Begins

    With statewide law enforcement officials out in full force to distribute tickets, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) kicked off its Click It or Ticket Campaign to warn Oklahoma vehicle passengers of the need to buckle up day and night. The message is a simple, yet effective strategy to create awareness about an important issue: seat belts save lives. Our personal injury lawyer…Read More

  3. Distracted Driving Awareness Month Crackdown

    As Distracted Driving Awareness Month this April, local, state and federal law enforcement have joined forces to raise awareness about the dangers of driving while distracted. They will also be out in large numbers enforcing the state’s texting and driving laws. Many Oklahomans, along with other Americans, drive while eating, drinking, checking social media and sending emails. These forms of dis…Read More

  4. Fall History Raises Accident Risk Among Older Drivers

    In a new study by the AAA Foundation, older drivers with at least one falling episode are more likely to be in a car crash than peers in the same age group who have not fallen. Decreased driving ability due to injuries in older drivers with fall histories can make it more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists and other motorists as well. Although most collisions are linked to distracted driving, …Read More

  5. Majority of Drivers Still Drive Recklessly According to New Study

    A new survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that 87 percent of motorists engage in a minimum of one risky behavior while driving. The study asked participants which reckless driving habits they had engaged in within the last thirty days. It analyzed attitudes about driving safely and revealed there is room for improvement when it comes to safe driving. Peter Kissinger, President …Read More

  6. OHP Cracking Down on Drivers Speeding in Construction Zones

    Oklahoma State Troopers are cracking down on drivers speeding along the construction zone on I-244. According to police, they have handed out more than 137 citations and 42 warnings. Police say that they have seen drivers traveling between 80-100 miles per hour in the 50 mile per hour construction zone. Nearby, neighbors in one Tulsa community are concerned about drivers speeding in and around t…Read More

  7. Potholes Costing Americans Billions of Dollars

    Potholes occur on roads everywhere. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to learn that across the United States, drivers are collectively spending around $3 billion dollars a year to repair damage to their cars that has been caused by potholes. Repairs can range from minor tire damage to more serious suspension problems, but colliding with a pothole can also cause a driver to lose control of the…Read More

  8. NHTSA Issues $200 Million Penalty To Takata for Defective Airbags, Orders Recall Speedup

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced it would be fining Takata Corporation, a manufacturer of automotive airbags, up to $200 million for violating safety regulations and failing to report defects. They are also ordering a recall speedup of the defective airbags and requiring the company to take additional safety compliance measures. The civil penalty is the…Read More

  9. Proving Who Is at Fault in an Auto Collision

    Thousands of car accidents occur every day in the United States for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a driver isn't paying attention or is driving recklessly. Sometimes there is an issue with visibility or poor road conditions. Whatever the reason, a car accident can ruin your day and cost you thousands in repairs. In the worst cases, it can cause severe injuries or even death. Your first thought i…Read More

  10. National Teen Driver Safety Week Encourages Safe Driving Practices

    Did you know that car crashes remain the leading cause of death for teenagers ages 14-18 in the United States? Teen Driver Safety Week, taking place on October 18 to 24 will focus on best safety practices and behaviors for keeping teens safe, as they learn to drive and navigate the roadways by themselves. Being distracted while driving remains one of the major factors that result in tragic car cr…Read More

  11. Is There a Link between Traumatic Brain Injury and Aggressive Driving?

    A new study published in Accident Analysis and Prevention suggests a higher incidence of road rage amongst drivers who have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Study participants who have suffered one or more TBI report far more aggressive driving incidents compared to drivers who have not experienced such an injury. Aggressive driving events include threatening harm to other drivers and pa…Read More

  12. Drowsy Driving: Don’t Become a Statistic

    Did you know driving while you are sleepy poses as much of a threat on the road as distracted driving or driving while intoxicated? It's a mounting concern as we enter the season of high school graduation. The moments after a car accident are extremely important. Our experienced Tulsa personal injury attorneys advise you not to admit fault or over-apologize for the accident as this could be used…Read More

  13. GM Settling Claims Related To Defective Ignition Switch

    Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer for General Motors Co. (GM), is currently processing claims to compensate victims of the automaker's faulty vehicle ignition switch. According to Bloomberg.com, he has designated 100 deaths as being linked to the defective switch and is currently reviewing 37 death claims and 589 injury claims. In February 2014, GM notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administra…Read More